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Érdekes ezen a honlapon az szerepel, hogy 1976-tól 80-ig gyártották.

(1976-1980) Stereo cassette recorder, Dolby B NR
Type numbers: 4705, 4715, 4716
the introduction of Beocord 5000 was an important step for B&O, in as much as it represents a complete move away from open reel and a commitment to cassette as a medium for high quality home recording.
There had of course been cassette machines in the range for a long time before Beocord 5000, and all of them offered a very good standard of reproduction, but they were never intended to replace open reel as the preferred format when quality was paramount. A few years previously, a prototype open reel machine had been designed, using all the best technology available at the time, and this included a closed loop dual capstan layout and electronic tape transport controls. Whilst this machine (confusingly given the provisional name of Beocord 5000!) was undeniably an engineering masterpiece, it was realised that the days of open reel as a practical domestic format were already over. A multitude of speeds, spool sizes and track formats had made the issuing of pre-recorded tapes impractical, and “live” home recording had declined, so it was decided not to proceed with the production of this range of machines, and only six were built.
To produce a cassette recorder to compare with open reel performance was not an easy task. So far, all B&O cassette decks, such as Beocord 900, 1100, 1700, 2200 and the cassette section of Beocenter 1400, had been based around a simple mechanism of Japanese origin. This was capable of better than average results, and was sturdy and quiet in operation, but to reach a new level of performance, B&O decided to design and build their own.

Prices1978: £322.38

Prices (rosewood)1976: £336.50

Prices (teak)1976: £335.5

Egyébként a B&O közismerten méregdrága rendkívül exkluzív megjelenésű termék.

A honlapon: egy sorral lejjebb találod: Beng & olufsen Beocord 5000 Typ: 492x. -ezt '84 től '87-ig gyártották. Nézd meg a honlap fényképeit!